SOC Stability In Small Package

There are some IPs in SOC which are of general use and malfunction on them impacts a entire SOC. We Identified these IPs and analyze impact on SOC due to there malfunction–

  1. Clock and Reset Generator.
  2. Timers.
  3. Watchdog.
  4. Interrupt Controller.

A malfunction on these IPs disturb entire SOC in a way that Software cannot handle it and would not be aware that there is malfunction impacting.

1. Clock and Reset generator

If there are malfunction within Clock and Reset Generator and there is some issue in RESET GENERATION

And if reset are generated in wrong times then –

  1. This can make Some other IPs into Reset.
  2. Or reset their configuration in the runtime.
  3. Making them fail into their working.

And if Reset is triggered but the reset duration is not right –

  1. Can make reset recovery issues.
  2. Would keep glitchy dirty configurations within registers making it dependent on DRIVER to clean up all the configuration not just the required bits to be updated.

And if reset is triggered to Half the SOC but remaining half is still not reset –

  1. Can make the entire working of SOC totally unknown and unpredictable.

And if there are issues in CLOCK GENERATION and clock configuration is disturbed then –.. to continue reading please LOGIN Here.. 

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