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The Mission

To develop electronics which can Empower Products which need Reliable and Stable throughout there life of operation.

GreenIPCore is Leading the Product Reliability Revolution

GreenIPCore is Founded in Year 2018.

It is Leading the Product Reliability Revolution with its Words First High-Stable SOC infrastructure soft Digital Set of IP Cores.

These IP Cores are compatible with wide industry standard protocols and configurable.

Lets Make Reliable Product

“Flexible IP Solutions for Ultimate Stable Operations
Brings Peace to your Life

About GreenIPCore

Green IP Core, PlusQO Organization Pvt. Ltd. Is a Technology and IP design Company. Its Core Value lies is Making New Innovation in field of Electronic Design and Silicon Industry.

It mainly focuses on Design Process Acceleration, Helps in Estimating and Increasing SAFETY, SECURITY and RELIABILITY of Products, Decrease in Overall RISK and Cost.

Green IP Core Present a Innovating Infrastructure to built a RELIABLE Intelligent World.


High Stable, Self Fault Correcting Technology

GreenIPCore Provider of High Stable Self Fault correcting IP Technology.

The Digital IPs Developed have inbuilt Resistance towards any corruption in Digital Circuit. The Corruption can be a effect of any internal or external event disturbing chip in a way that logic flops or stored data is corrupted.

These IPs are easy-to-use development and comprehensive product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs which reduces risk while lowering the total system cost and time to market.

GreenIPCore Self Fault Correcting Feature Increases Product Reliability, Product Life and Decreased Maintenance Cost.
The Electronic devices have explored all possible combinations and use for Human Improvements but despite of such a development, still, people fear and does not rely too much on electronic devices.

All the Electronic is still unreliable and used in products which are not fully autonomous. None of the product takes full responsibility of the function for which they are built.

The Next generation Electronic Product will ride on reliability of the Product.

It is not the electronic design but the reliability of electronic will decide to explore options of electronic products in a segment and explore new market.

Still even today, lots of products segments are difficult to move out of mechanical or assisted versions to fully autonomous products.

Products in the field of Autonomous Driving, Aerospace, Industrial IOT, AIML, Security and etc. are still in assisted mode. None of them even with so much development, does not clam to go fully autonomous.
Our IPs and Solutions enable doors for product developers to clam the reliability options and fully autonomous products.


GreenIPCore has Proven High Stable Technology across Different Platforms. World-class leadership and engineering teams with expertise in High Stable Technology, High Performance, Security, deep-learning and AI


GreenIPCore Selected Within TOP-Finalist in SMC Select at IITK

Technology Patent

Holds multiple Patents
High Stable Technology.

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Want to accelerate your project with GreenIPCore innovation? We provide Wide Range of Safety and Fail Safe IPs to enable Product for Automotive, IIOT, Security and AIML. Let us help you discover the power of our scalable and efficient technology.

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