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Be Fault Resilient,

Bring Peace To Your Life

Let's Make Thing Reliable

Green IP Core has developed its flagship Fault Resistant technology having a competitive edge and advantages over various solutions available.
The fault Resistant technology encompasses the most competitive and unique solution enhancing reliability and performance of electronics chips and circuits up to a much higher level which has not yet been achieved by available solutions in the industry.
Green IP core Fault Resistant technology can make the product highly reliable hence it will increase the market share of product makers.

" Not Just Safe, Not Just Secure, We Built reliable "

Fault Resistant
Digital Circuits

Make your system ultimate reliable using Fault Resistant IP Technology and it is Technology Independent Soft Digital IP Core

Resistant Security

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Attack) also makes your Chip vulnerable to Hacks and Malfunctions apart from side-channel vulnerabilities, SPA's and DPA's.

Safe Digital Circuits

EMP (Electromagnetic Effect) also makes your Chip Slow and Malfunction. With EMP Safe Hardware, No need to Compromise on System performance in Harsh Environment.

Build Reliable products
with our
Fault Resilient Semiconductor
IPs Infrastructure and Solutions.

Compatible with
Major FPGA Vendors and Fabrication Foundries.

Improvement Fault Resilient Hardware Brings..

Faults in Semiconductor Happens Too Frequent than you think and
faults keep happening all the times.

They makes your application un-reliable and un-secure.

Every Electronics is exposed to

Electromagnetic Noise and Radiations.


Encounter Faults.

Most Common Exposure events are -

Fault Resilient Hardware Technology
is the way to
Safe, Secure and Reliable Products.

Fault Resistant Technology

GreenIPCore Offers IPs and SoC Built with Fault Resistant Technology having competitive edge and advantages over various other solution Offered.

The Fault Resistant Technology encompasses most competitive and unique solution enhancing reliability and performance of electronics chips and circuits.

A much higher level of Stability is observed which have not yet been achieved by any of the available solutions in the industry.

GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Technology makes the chip to operate correctly even if Encounter Logical Corruption due to Heavy Electromagnetic Interference or any other means.

The Fault Resistant Logic is Built with State-of-Art Fault Resistant hardware Technology which works perfectly in harsh environment.

Fault Resistant hardware Logic offers reliable software and hardware operations Making your solution work perfectly.

Benefits Of Fault Resistant Technology

Better than Other Industrial Solutions Like
ISO26262. ASIL-D.

A Fault Resistant HW keeps Simple Software.
Faster Time to Market

No Need of custom built fault resistant Software,
Any software works perfectly.

Decrease in Product failure hence Increase Brand Value & Gain Customer Trust

No Need to run circuits at high Speed to run bulky Fault Resistant software.
Simple Software can run perfect.

Huge Cost Saving.
Can be placed on any Low Cost Platform, FPGA’s and ASIC’s.

EMP Resistant
Security IP Technology

Simple power Analysis (SPA),
Differential Power Analysis (DPA)
Leakage Analysis
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

We Do Not
Reset A Chip
in case of Faults.


Our Hardware Manages
the faults and
keep operating
without any failure.

Security IPs

GreenIPCore Security IPs are Built with EMP Resistant and Fault Resistant Technology.

These Security IPs are used inside a SoC to implement Deep Security Infrastructure to secure Mission Critical Data, Keys, Configuration and Firmware.

Fault resistant technology keeping application security at all the times.

We Manage Faults in hardware
Keep System Operating
Without Application Failure.

“Flexible IP Solutions
Ultimate Stable Operations”

“Brings Peace to your Life”

High Performance IPs

Get the ultimate performance
at your
Edge Devices
High Performance IPs

High Performance IP Technology

GreenIPCore High Performance IPs


High Performance IPs

Get Ultimate Performance and Ultra Low Power
at your Edge Device
with Our
High Performance IPs and Semiconductor Solutions.

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