# Fault Resistance

Fault Detection & Recovery

Innovative way to bring stability and best user experience.

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We built it from Inside

Our Smart implementation is a logic level solution to manage faults. It make sure that the system logical function are functioning correctly even if the fault induces soft errors within them deep inside.

For this, we built state of art Fault detection, Fault Management and Correction circuit embedded within logical circuits.

Experts at your service

We created a team of world class engineers, experts and developers.
Our engineers carry deep expertise in building logic and making it fault resistant.
We make sure your application runs smoothly without impact of any faults or soft errors in the runtime.

Soft IP: Fault Detector

It is a all digital soft IP. It detects faults into its own logic.
It can be used to identify spaces where digital circuit can be corrupted by soft errors or faults.

This IP flags the detection of fault at its output.

New Soft IP

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