About GreenIPCore

The next generation electronics market looking for highly reliable products. Product developer need to take care of reliability.

GreenIPCore technology enables product developer to develop reliable products.

GreeenIPCore will boost your development to taking benefits of challenging market and help you to achieve time to market reduction.

GreenIPCore is focused on developing next generation Digital IPs which can empower Next Generation High Reliable, High Secure and High Bandwidth Products.

“Not just safe, not just secure its reliable”

High Stable Technology

Our Unique High Stable Digital Technology can resist Electromagnetic Noise and Hazards.

The Electronics corruptions can impact working of chips and can result in failure of function. This results in decreasing reliability of electronic products.

Our technology can help Solution which are much more reliable and can operate with much better reliability.

High Stable Technology Benefits

  • Can work Perfectly in Electromagnetic Noisy Environments.
  • Enable Product Developers to Develop Fully reliable Products.
  • Technology Node Independent Logic. Can be synthesized to any ASIC, FPGA and CPLD.
  • Thoroughly tested and proven over FPGA.
  • Would be operating at the same frequency as the normal logic.
  • No Specific Synthesis, Backend, DFT, ATPG or Timing constraints other than standard constraints.
  • High Stable Feature decreases Product Failure.
  • Increase Product Value and Product Life.
  • Decreased Maintenance Cost.
Ultimate Stable Operation with State-of-Art  High-Stable Soft-Digital IPs.
Bring Reliability To Your Products.

High Secure Infrastructure

Our High Secure Infrastructure is Developed with Patented High Stable Technology and cannot be distracted by any kind of EMP Attacks and other Hacking technique.

High Stable Security Technology Benefits

  • High Stable Technology Benefits +
  • EMP Resistant
  • Temper Resistant
  • SPA and DPA Proof
  • Leakage Proof
Ultimate Reliable Operation with State-of-Art High-Stable Soft-Digital Security IPs.
Bring Security To Your Products.

High Performance Infrastructure

Our High performance Infrastructure is Developed with Start-of-Art Technology and can enable developers of Low Power and High Performance Systems.

High Performance Technology Benefits

  • Low Gate Count.
  • Low Power.
  • Low latency.
  • High Throughput.
  • Wide protocol Compatibility.
  • Very Low Power.
  • High Operation Frequency.
Ultimate Performance with State-of-Art High-Performance Soft-Digital IPs.
Bring Processing Power To the EDGE.


About GreenIPCore Technologies

GreenIPCore is a leading IP Core Provider to enable Reliable Product Line.


GreenIPCore has Proven High Stable Technology across Different Platforms. World-class leadership and engineering teams with expertise in High Stable Technology, High Performance, Security, deep-learning and AI


GreenIPCore Selected Within TOP-Finalist in SMC Select at IITK



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Want to accelerate your project with GreenIPCore innovation? We provide Wide Range of Safety and Fail Safe IPs to enable Product for Automotive, IIOT, Security and AIML. Let us help you discover the power of our scalable and efficient technology.

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At GreenIPCore, we’re always working on what’s next. Partner with us to be the first to learn more and test our next generation designs with Early Access.


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email : – start@greenipcore.com

Mobile: – +91 9821330671

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