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GreenIPCore Offers IPs and SoC Built with Fault Resistant Technology that having a competitive edge and advantages over various other solution Offered by current industries. The Fault Resistant Technology encompasses most competitive and unique solution enhancing reliability and performance of electronics chips and circuits. A much higher level of Stability is observed which have not yet been achieved by any of the available solutions in the industry. GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Technology makes the chip to operate correctly even if Encounter Logical Corruption due to Heavy Electromagnetic Interference or any other means.

" Not Just Safe, Not Just Secure We Built reliable "

Fault Resistant
Digital IPs

Make your system ultimate reliable using Fault Resistant IP Technology and it is Technology Independent Soft Digital IP Core

Resistant Security IPs

Apart From side-channel vulnerabilities, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Attack) also makes your Chip vulnerable to Hacks and Malfunctions.

High Performance IPs

High Bandwidth and low latency, Low power along with low gate count.

The Problems In Designs Based On Current Technologies

The existing Electronics Circuits malfunction or reboot when Electromagnetic Interference or Environmental Hazards impact on them. Single Event Upset, Logical corruption, Radiation Impact, Alpha Particle Impact, Solar Storms etc. are some of the major hurdles to making Space Technology more commercially viable

GreenIPCore New Inhouse Innovation –Patented Fault Resistant Technology (FTR)

GreenIPCore has developed its flagship Fault Resistant IP technology that having a unique Self-Correcting logic algorithm design property. This self-correcting Logic algorithm ensures that the chip’s logic functionality works correctly while Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) and Environmental Hazardous impacting. The FTR-based unique solutions enhance the reliability and performance of electronics chips and circuits up to a level not yet achieved by the existing designs in the industry. The Fault Resistant Logic is Built with State-of-Art Fault Resistant hardware Technology which works perfectly in a harsh environment. GreenIPCore has its own proven and patented methodology to make Fault Tolerant Technology Soft Digital IP.

Benefits Of Fault Resistant Technology

More stable than Space Grade Semiconductor solutions

Easy software and Easy hardware can achieve time to market

No requirement of Custom Fault Resistant software

Decrease in Product failure. Enhances customer trust and brand value

No need for high circuit speeds to run bulky software

Can be placed on any commercial low-Cost platform

Security Technology

Simple power Analysis (SPA),
Differential Power Analysis (DPA)
Leakage Analysis
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

GreenIPCore Security IPs are Built with EMP Resistant and Fault Resistant Technology.

These Security IPs are used inside a SoC to implement Deep Security Infrastructure to secure Mission Critical Data, Keys, Configuration and Firmware.

Fault resistant technology keeping application security at all the times.

We Do Not need to Issue A Reset in case of Faults, Rather We Recover Hardware from the faults and keep functional operating without any failure

We Manage Faults in hardware and Keep System Operating Without Application Failure.

High-Performance Technology

GreenIPCore High-performance IPs are enhancing your performance. These High-performance IPs can run on high bandwidth.

These IPs having a unique property That is low latency and low power along with low gate count.

These IPs are available in a wide range of configurations as per your requirement.

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