IOT Platform – State of ART Fault Correction and Reliability

A Self Fault Correcting IOT

IOT is one of the evolving market segment need Low Power, Low Cost, High Security and Fault Resistant Technology.

This segment has wide implementation across different fields like Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and Space technology.

The Market is looking for low cost, low power, Security and Fault Resistant Technology to produce a stable and reliable products.

IOT segment has vast prospect and growth into different segments and with GreenIPCore IOT Platform, we would provide solutions which are Low Cost, Low Power, Security and Stability with its development of digital technology in fault Resistant and Correcting Technology. .


Fault Resistant IOT Manager

This is Fault resistant IOT Management system. (Shown in Green Color)

It allows user to Place their Custom IOT and enable them to control it and keep working in the remote. (Shown as Blue Area)

Client IOT integration with GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Remote IOT Manager

The Image shows a Client Remote IOT getting integrated (Shown in Blue) to GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Self managed Platform (Shown in Green)

GreenIPCore Full Fault Resistant IOT Infrastructure

Shows GreenIPCore Fault resistant IOT which has complete system Fault Resistant and low power. (Shown in Green Color)

“Flexible IOT Platform with Ultimate Stable Operation.”
Bring Peace to your Life.

Benefits of GreenIPCore Fault Resistant IOT

Product built with GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Platform does not need any Metal Shields or Coatings. They can work perfectly in tough environments.

With GreenIPCore technology, it is now possible to make Low Weight High Reliable Products.

Product Built With GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Technology does not need Hardened Semiconductor device to work perfectly in tough environments.

They also do not need Metal Shielding and Heavy Metal paints.

They can work Perfectly without all these.

This adds up a lot of cost saving and bringing Reliable Products at Low Cost.

Product built with GreenIPCore Fault Resistant technology are Ultimate Reliable and always in control of Base Station.

There is never to reach device to reset or Reconfigure due to corruptions at the remote device.

GreenIPCore Fault Resistant IOT Platform

GreenIPCore Fault resistant IOT Platform is carry cards in basic two categories –

The Product have two cards –

  1. Fault Resistant Base Station.
  2. Fault Resistant Field Devices/ Card.

These are low cost IOT Devices/ cards. These cards would be loaded with Fault resistant IPs for the specific use case, they will keep operating for that specific configurations without any impact of environmental hazards.

The base station is used to communicate and control the Field devices. Base station can take up commands from internet and can upload the received data from the field devices after formatting them into Internet devices or cloud.

The field device is a very low power device to capture different field data as set by the base station. This field device is built to run over a battery for long durations.

The Field device can upload the captured data from different connected field data collection equipment depending upon as set by the base station for its feature of operations.

The default feature of field device is to provide distance from the Base Station. By putting multiple base device, one can find out more exact location of the field device relative to the Base Station devices.

Fault Resistant IOT Platform

Benefits and hands on experiment of improvements in Fault Resistant Technology

Utilization of Fault Resistant IOT

Due to fault resistant feature of the IP used in this Platform, The Platform would not corrupt and keep functioning for much longer duration perfectly in all kind of harsh environments. Since, it is a generic Platform, it can be enhanced for specific needs for specific use cases.

The Platform can be plugged with different communication interfaces like SW, AM, RF, UHF, VHF or Satellite Communication Bands depending on use case and requirement.

They operate at a very low bandwidth to communicate with Field Devices.

The Platform Field Device – It can be interfaced to different other field equipment and machines to give them commands and capture information in different formats. It can also be interfaced to bio-metric sensors. This collected data then can be transferred to base station to analyze or can be used to generate different results. The Field devices are very low power and can run on Solar or Power Cell for much longer duration. They also are self-managed and does not corrupt as they are fault resistant so there is no need to visit them in person to fix or repair or reset or replace their battery. They are also very low cost from hardware point of view.

The Platform Base Device It can be connected to any Internet device or user control device which can show up the data the way user wants to use and generate results. The base station can also be used for generating different control commands for the field devices.

Utilization of Fault Resistant IOT into different fields

Industrial area is full of Electromagnetic Noise and hazards. 

GreenIPCore Fault Resistant IOT can help build IOT engine which can keep running perfectly and completely Remote Managed.

Automotive section need IOT to run perfect and always working.  

GreenIPCore Fault Resistant FULL IOT Platform can help build IOT engine which can keep running perfectly and generate reliability needs of this section.

Customers IOT is now days used to manage their Homes and other connected infrastructure.

This section of IOT Product need more reliable behavior and always working.

GreenIPCore Fault Resistant IOT Platform can help build IOT engine which can keep running perfectly and generate reliability needs of this section with custom integration of IOT platform providers in this section.

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