Fault Resilient SOC Security Infrastructure

The Current SOC Infrastructure is Plain and Simple. These are implemented with End-to-End ECC, parity, Lockstep and other technique to make them stable and secure the Data.

Following is a standard SOC infrastructure used as of NOW –

The Security of Chip Features, Secrets and Firmware is a key challenge. The base Chips need to ensure that the chip is constructed in a way that it is fully temper proof and blocks all kind of hacking and distraction events.

GreenIPCore Fault Resilient SOC Infrastructure is a set of IPs and Components which can be used to construct a Fault Resilient, Tamper Resistant, Robust and Reliable SOC.

These Key IPs of a SOC are selected and reconstructed with lots of research and development in making them ROBUST and to make them work perfectly in all kind of Tamper event like – .. to continue reading please LOGIN Here.. 

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