There are some IPs in SOC which are of general use and malfunction on them impacts a entire SOC. We Identified these IPs and analyze impact on SOC due to there malfunction– Clock and Reset Generator. Timers. Watchdog. Interrupt Controller. A malfunction on these IPs disturb entire SOC in aContinue Reading

The Current SOC Infrastructure is Plain and Simple. These are implemented with End-to-End ECC, parity, Lockstep and other technique to make them stable. Following is a standard SOC infrastructure used as of NOW – But the modern Application need more Robust Chips and need to ensure that electronic chips areContinue Reading

Automotive Automotive may be a Key Challenging area where technology meets real challenge of all environmental hazards and obtain most of the prospect to prove its robustness. Current Automotive industry is at its peak of what it can do with the electronics presented thereto by the developers of recent chips.Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the development of New Age Electronics and is growing and entering into all kind of market and product spaces. The Devices empowered with these technology gives tremendous scope to gather learning and improve behavior response of the device in runtime. With this improvement capability inContinue Reading