Improvements in Automotive with Fault Resilient Technology


Automotive is a Key Challenging area where technology meets real challenge of all environmental hazards and get most of the chance to prove its robustness.

Current Automotive industry is at its peak of what it can do with the electronics presented to it by the developers of modern chips.

The New Age application expose today’s electronics to its depth and expose some of the hidden area which were not taken into much considerations while developing the electronic chips targeted for this domain.

Let’s get into depth of it and discuss some of the hidden key items, issues with the current chips developed with old traditional safety and security concepts.

We will also like to highlight issues with current electronics, which is stopping it to expand into next level and take the driver seat for Autonomous Driving.

Modern Automotive Electronics is expanding at a fast rate and getting into all the possible spaces which can be improved with the use of electronics and taking all the spaces which are of low reliability.

Low reliability spaces are, where in case of any failure, it does not make any impacts on the overall system working and have much space to recover without .. to continue reading please LOGIN Here.. 

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