Fault Resistant Recovery Companion with Single Sequence Recovery

Fault Resistant Recovery Companion with Single Sequence Recovery

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1. Scan interfacing Block by request response method.
2. Identifies failure stages.
3. Recovers a Failing device.
4. Resets a Failed Device and bring back to operations.
5. Increases product stability.
6. Fault Resistant IP Technology.


GreenIPCore Fault Resistant Recovery Companion (FRC/ FRM Core) (Single Sequence Recovery)

Overview –

GreenIPCore Fault resistant Recovery Companion is a digital Subsystem. This Block communicate with your SOC at the specified sequence of commands and identifies if the SOC is not stuck and working properly. If it finds your device is stuck, it recovers it by the specified sequence of recovery. .. to continue reading please LOGIN Here..  Applications – The Logic is very low gate count and very low power. It has applications in different fields to provide recovery from faults and stuck state of SOC in a very low time to ensure continuous operation of SOC. Following are some of the Identified field of operations –
  1. Commercial IOT’s – Home Automation. Smart Home, Surveillance Devices/ Cameras.
  2. Industrial IOT and Systems.
  3. Drones.
  4. Industry 4.0.
  5. Automotive.
  6. Aerospace
  7. Space Applications.
One can evaluate their specific field of product application and understand if their application need reliability should put this companion subsystem with their soc to ensure reliable application and operation of product in real world. For more details please write to start@greenipcore.com
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