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Lets make Reliable IoT

IoT has limitless potential and is the most evolving market segment with huge divergence across utilizations and quite wide spread utilization potential. This segment has further potential to built infrastructure of Smart Connected World. With sensor fusion and smart cloud based infrastructure, the utilization possibility further increases.

IoT enables billions of devices simultaneously and generates huge volumes of actionable data which can automate diverse business processes.

IoT platforms evolve and overcome multiple challenges, through increased capacity and AI on Edge, service providers will edge furthermore into IT and web scale markets – opening entire new streams of markets and revenue.

Even though, the software structure is ready to give quite comprehensive set of features and enable multiple level of security. Still the usage is limited as most of the solution have to operate in real environments.

These IoT solutions start misbehaving and show unreliable results randomly. This makes a negative impression on reliability of these product and thus decreases the utilization factor and overall growth of products in IoT segment.

The market looks for a stable and reliable product with high level of security.

The engineers try to solve this problem in multiple ways including software methods. But, most of the investigations in different research facility over time have shown that the problem lies into the behaviour of semiconductor circuitry when operated in electronically disturbed environment. This disturbance can be encountered in normal usage and can randomly corrupt the device logical functions.

Even the software infrastructure is matured and can provide solution with IoT which can solve most of the day-to-day problems of different market segments. Most of the IoT solution remain as demo and does not see large volumes utilization into their business journey in the real world. Due to this random failure of semiconductor devices, the IoT product usage interest is low and most of the prospective customers does not rely to use the device into their day-to-day usage as it can show random behaviour like wrong data capture, connection drop etc.

There is need to investigate and bring up silicon level solution from bottom up to solve this problem.

GreenIPCore IoT infrastructure is one of solution which has shown good stable operational results in different testing across various labs and proved to be stable. GreenIPCore provide unique solution which does not bind the technology to specific fabrication process or technology thus provide most cost effective solution which is one of the key factor to enable product utilization after the reliability factor.

GreenIPCore open up this Transient Fault resistant IOT infrastructure for licensing.

GreenIPCore Transient Fault resistant IOT infrastructure is a key milestone in the development of Secure and Reliable IoT infrastructure which can provide stable operation. GreenIPCore provide optimized Infrastructure for different IoT Segments.

GreenIPCore solution serves to strengthen and support the reliability of IoT infrastructure, resulting in a safer and more stable paradigm to users.

The usage of IOT in the various fields and the changes which can be made with new technology such as-

  • 1. Industrial IoT
  • 2. Industrial Robotics
  • 3. Industrial Communication
  • 4. Smart City Infrastructure
    • 1. Smart Home
    • 2. Smart Car Charging
    • 3. Battery management etc.
  • 5. Automotive IoT
  • 6. IoT in Aerospace
  • 7. IoT in Space
  • 8. Control and Data Process in Satellites


Our solution can benefit IT and Operations with –

1. Securely connect and control industrial assets.

2. Gain visibility across the entire industrial infrastructure

3. Improve uptime, safety, and reliability.

There is a vast addressable market for a reliable and stable chip GreenIPCore IOT can. Following are some of the upcoming infrastructure which one can visualize –

  1. 1. Complete Remote managed applications-
    1. 1. Industry 4.0
  2. 2. Centrally managed
    1. 1. Smart City infrastructure
  3. 3. Complete Autonomous
    1. 1. Autonomous Payment Gateways.
    2. 2. Smart Charging Stations.
  4. 4. Nano-Satellites
  5. And Much more yet to be made.

IOT is one of the evolving market segment need Low Power, Low Cost, High Security and Fault Resistant Technology.

This segment has wide implementation across different fields like Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and Space technology.

The Market is looking for low cost, low power, Security and Fault Resistant Technology to produce a stable and reliable products.

IOT segment has vast prospect and growth into different segments and with GreenIPCore IOT Platform, we would provide solutions which are Low Cost, Low Power, Security and Stability with its development of digital technology in fault Resistant and Correcting Technology. .


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