Location Tracker


Location Tracking

The world is moving fast to developing a solution on IoT, AR/VR which helps reduce human effort and increase work efficiency and time.

The fastest growing technology needs to cover a spot where the MSME sector can utilize. Need a limited area location tracking to track their smaller items and stock which is available in their giant warehouse.

Location Tracking Solution

The easiest way to describe Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) is that it’s like a GPS for indoor environments.
IPS can be used to locate people or objects inside buildings, typically via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Although the technology is newer than GPS, services that leverage IPS are quickly gaining traction in places like shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and other indoor venues where navigation and other location-based services (LBS) can prove to be indispensable.

Indoor tracking in industrial environments often requires very precise localization. For this purpose, we offer solutions based on the short-range radio technology Ultra-wideband (UWB). It does not work with consumer standards such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy but offers accuracy better than 30 cm.


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