High Performance Technology

High Performance Technology

New Age data Centers, Cloud AI, Edge AI Application etc are some of the application which need lowest power and highest performance.

Features & Benefits


The product built with High performance technology would see increased performance matrices across power, frequency and bandwith. The technology will provide industry lowest power and highest bandwidth.


Tide varity of protocol supported including AMBA interfaces, OCP, Wishbone etc. the module can be equipped with any flexiable interfaces based on bandwidth and power requirement for the module.


With Protocol correction in place in the path, modules are compatible for all kind of transaction profilins at different interfaces including transaction generated by a firmware and transaction generated by a DMA.

Low Cost

These IPs saves cost in multiple aspect as they are available with very low cost licensing options and they save lots of silicon area as they are build with very optimized logic which gives best area. so Saving from both the sides.

Low Power

These IPs are Low power and consumes lowest power on a profile of transfer or interaction.

Low Latency

These IPs have lowest latesncy/ round trip delay making them highest performing IPs for that power number and frequency.

Use Case

This is IP build with the Transient Fault Correction technology which improves this IP's reliability and it can works under any harsh environment

Data Center

Datacenters now need more bandwidth to access data and with the increasing users, there is need to increase bandwidth for random read and write, update cache to get rid of data coherency issues and with all this fast data movement and replication of content across the different user base.

Big Data Analysis

With 25Billion devices generating data across the globe, processing the data and finding out meaningful content is next challenge to solve. the IPs provided would give best performance numbers at the silicon, best silicon space utilization and lowest power making it possible to merge such a Realtime huge data streams and process at different fronts including Next Generation AI and demanding Big Data Analysis.