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  • AI/ML

    AI/ML (16)

  • Automotive

    Automotive (28)

  • Generate IP Request Online

    Generate IP Request Online (3)

    User can generate IP Request and Demo online !! Following IPs are currently available to be accessed online to be download and with the user configurations. Every registered user can download DEMO version IP Cores. Every Licensed User can download IP Core as per their License.
  • IOT

    IOT (22)

  • IP Category

    IP Category (42)

    Display IPs based on their working features
  • Packages

    Packages (3)

    Display groups of IPs can be used in Bundle
  • Security

    Security (21)

  • Soft Digital IP

    Soft Digital IP (22)

    Following are the key features -

    1. Technology Independent.
    2. Highest Operating Frequency.
    3. Lowest Gate Count.
    4. Fully Stand compliant.
    5. Well Proven, Guaranteed Success.
    6. Well Documented.
    7. Key Innovation and Disruptive features
    8. Provide edge to your products in the market.
  • Security IP

    Security IP (9)

    These are Security IPs.

    These IPs can be used inside a SOC to enable you to implement a Deep Security Infrastructure to secure your -

    1. Secure your Mission Critical Data like -
      1. Keys of different cryptography.
    2. Block access from any ports or IPs or Software other than intended one.
    3. Enable end to end protection on your data using state of art technologies.
  • Noise Resistant High Stable

    Noise Resistant High Stable (15)

    Noise Resistant High Stable IPs are meant to build SOC for the future.

    There are applications which really need a Stable SOC in all kind of environment.

    These application are like -

    1. AI/ ML engines implemented on portable devices.
    2. Automotive ADAS and Autonomous Driving Applications.
    3. IOT Devices which is exposed to all kind of environment.
    4. Security Devices which is exposed to all kind of hacking.
    5. Aerospace application.
    6. Robotics which is meant to operate in industrial applications.
    7. All the fully Autonomous application like Drone control Circuitry.

    These applications do not have any chance of failure be it at chip level or at the processing level. a small noise can disturb the application working or decision and would end up into a major desistor.

    These IPs are meant to give stability to your SOC in all kind of environments.