The Noise Resistant SOC Infrastructure

The Current SOC Infrastructure is Plain and Simple. These are implemented with End-to-End ECC, parity, Lockstep and other technique to make them stable.

Following is a standard SOC infrastructure used as of NOW –

But the modern Application need more Robust Chips and need to ensure that electronic chips are stable in all environmental conditions as it is expanding its reach to all the spaces where it can be applied.

GreenIPCore Noise resistant SOC Infrastructure is a set of IPs and Components which can be used to construct a Noise Resistant, Robust and Reliable SOC.

These Key IPs of a SOC are selected and reconstructed with lots of research and development in making them ROBUST and to make them work perfectly in all kind of Noisy/ Hazard environments.

We at GreenIPCore visualize that a SOC can be made Noise resistant and Secure by adding our Noise Resistant IPs and Component available from GreenIPCore.

Now all the complex IPs can be developed at GreenIPCore as it is a huge set of Market specific IPs in each of the technology domain. To keep this improvement moving across different Segments, GreenIPCore presents it Noise Resistant Components Set which can act as Building block to improve IPs which are developed at the customer sides.

The IPs which are already been developed or are developed outside GreenIPCore, one can use these component and replace the internal component of their IP inhouse and make them much stable and resistant of Noise.

GreenIPCore IPs are tested and proven for their standard compliance and Noise resistance. these will provide ultimate Safety, Security and Robustness. These IPs would make your SOC Reliable and enable your platform to ride into next generation high reliable applications.

Not Just Safe, Not Just Secure, We Built Reliable.

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